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Brother of Excellence Award

A Kappa brother will be awarded (semesterly) with the Brother of Excellence award if s/he completes all of the core requirements and a satisfactory number of Leadership, Friendship, Service and Miscellaneous activities corresponding to the level of the award desired. All submissions will be reviewed by the executive committee.

Levels of the award: (Every level requires all of the Core Requirements)
- Blue - Complete one activity from each of the four sections
- Gold - Complete two activities from each of the four sections
- Diamond - Complete three activities from Leadership, Friendship and Service and two activities from Miscellaneous.

Core Requirements:
- Be active.
- Attend at least one committee meeting that you do not chair.
- Attend at least 3 rush events
- Attend at least 2 pledge reviews (for different pledges)
- Attend both Initiation and Pledging

Leadership Activities:
- Attend any APO LEADS course (offered this semester)
- Attend any Conference (offered this semester)
- Attend CPPC/CAPS (note: the CPPC/CAPS for each semester is held in the preceding semester)
- Be an appointed member of any committee or an officer (elected or appointed)
- Chair any project (cannot be double counted to Friendship or Service)

Friendship Activities:
- Attend at least 3 different Fellowship events that occur outside of the Rush period
- Chair any Fellowship project
- Mentor a new little
- Sign at least 9/10 of the Pledge books for the current Pledge Class

Service Activities:
- Do 25 hours of Service
- Do at least one Service project in 3 of the 4 fields (Fraternity, Campus, Community, Nation)
- Contribute to each major Service Project by attending or serving on its committee
- Chair any Service project

Miscellaneous Activities:
- Update/edit/create a wiki page
- Write a Lobster Tales article
- Recruit a pledge to replace yourself
- Attend an inter-chapter event

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