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What does "APhiO" mean?
APhiO stands for Alpha Phi Omega (sometimes seen as APO) (ΑΦΩ). Our chapter here at Carnegie Mellon University is Kappa Chapter (Κ).

What is APhiO?
Alpha Phi Omega is a co-educational service fraternity. That means that we are a group of individuals on the campus dedicated to service. We perform service projects on the campus, to the community, and for our brothers (both male and female). Our cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

A fraternity?
Yes, we are a fraternity, but we have both male and female brothers. We do not have a house on the campus. We will never haze any of our members and the fraternity does not provide alcohol at any events. The "fraternity" aspect of our organization is embodied in our commitment to each other and our common goals. As a member of Alpha Phi Omega, you gain brothers, not just friends... people who will be there to help you in whatever you need.

How do I get involved?
Come hang out with us!! We have a Rush period from the first day of classes of a given semester for about a month (until September 25 this semester). We have various service and fellowship throughout the month which can be found on our calendar. Come join us at these events. You must attend at least 2 rush events or give a letter of written interest to the pledgemaster. After that, if the brothers feel that they would like you to join our fraternity, you will be offered a bid to pledge.

What happens at a Rush event?
It depends on the event, but the titles are good descriptors for the main event. However, you will get an opportunity to hang out and meet some of our brothers as well as other potential pledges. Even if you don't end up pledging, by coming to hang out with us, you will get to meet tons of new friends!!

What is involved in pledging?
Pledging is the process by which you get to know our fraternity. As a pledge, you will attend weekly pledge class meetings as well as the chapter meetings every week. You will chair a project so that you get to learn about leadership while choosing the program of the fraternity by choosing any fellowship or service project you would like to see the brothers and other pledges participate in. You will also get to meet the brothers and participate in all of our activities.

How much time is involved?
As a pledge, you will attend 2 meetings a week (perhaps one more if you are an officer) which last about an hour. The meetings are about an hour. If you have to miss a meeting, we understand and you just need to talk to the pledgemaster. You will also perform 25 hours of service, but we will provide ample opportunities for you to perform these hours through our service program. You should also try to join us for as many fellowship and service projects as possible as that is where you will get to meet your future brothers and new friends!

What do I have to gain from Alpha Phi Omega?
There's a lot... so rather than trying to explain, I asked our brothers. Here are their responses:
  • leadership seminars
  • fun-loving but sense of responsibility
  • brotherhood
  • nice people
  • service events
  • focus on service
  • bigs/little brothers
  • good, responsible citizens
  • very supportive
  • organized
  • sense of humor
  • funnelcakes
  • non-judgmental
  • lots of events
  • being needed
  • do lots of cool stuff for lots of people and have lots of fun doing it
  • comfortable
  • relaxed
  • opportunities for leadership
  • friends
  • fun

Is everyone in the chapter as cool as the people/person I knew coming in?
Of course!

Some terms used by Kappa Chapter and Alpha Phi Omega:

Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Phi Omega
Membership Committee
MemVP ("Mem-veep")
Membership Vice President
Service Committee
Service Vice President
Fellowship Committee
Fellowship Vice President
Sergeant at Arms
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Leadership, Friendship, and Servce (our cardinal principles)
the APhiO leadship courses - Launch, Explore, Achieve, Discover, Serve
Chapter Program Planning Conference

Still have questions?
Stop by a rush event and chat with our brothers or e-mail us at

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