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Article XI --- Finance

XI.A. Dues
XI.A.1. Dues shall be collected on a Semesterly basis, the amount to be set by the Chapter.
XI.A.2. The deadline for Chapter Active Members to pay their dues shall be fourteen (14) days after the first Regular Meeting of the semester.
XI.A.3. When needed, the Chapter shall pay any dues required by the National Office in the names of the Active Members.
XI.A.4. Chapter Inactive Members must repay to the Chapter any dues paid on their behalf while Chapter Inactive Members prior to regaining Chapter Active Membership.

XI.B. Budget
The Treasurer shall prepare a Budget for each Semester outlining all anticipated revenue and expenses. A copy of the Budget must be provided to all Chapter Active Members by one week after the second Regular Meeting of the Semester.

XI.C. Deposits
All funds of the Chapter or handled on behalf of the Chapter shall be deposited to the credit of the Chapter.

XI.D. Withdrawals
The power to withdraw funds from Chapter accounts shall be restricted to the President, the Treasurer, the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, and one other Chapter Active Member designated by the President and ratified by the Chapter. Each withdrawal must be authorized by the Chapter and by at least two of these members.

XI.E. Reimbursement
XI.E.1. Receipts must be submitted for all expenses to be reimbursed.
XI.E.2. No reimbursement shall be given for ordinary expenses not previously authorized by the Chapter.
XI.E.3. If emergency expenses occur which have not been previously authorized, they may be authorized at the first Regular Meeting after they occur.
XI.E.4. Any claim for reimbursement to Members not submitted to the Chapter by the second Regular Meeting after the expenses have been billed shall be deemed invalid.

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