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Article VIII --- Election of Officers

VIII.A. Eligibility
VIII.A.1. Any Chapter Active Member is eligible to hold any office except for the office of Chairman of the Advisory Committee.
VIII.A.2. Any Advisory Member is eligible to hold the office of Chairman of the Advisory Committee.
VIII.A.3. Except for the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, no Member may be elected to the same office for a third complete consecutive term.
VIII.A.4. Any eligible Member may hold more than one office at one time, with the exception that the President and the Treasurer may not hold other offices concurrently.

VIII.B. Term of Office
VIII.B.1. Officers shall serve from the conclusion of the Initiation Ceremony following their election until their replacements take office.
VIII.B.2. Officers shall train their successors and turn over all records in a current condition.

VIII.C. Election Procedure
VIII.C.1. Elections for the Chapter Officers shall be held at the first Regular Meeting held during or after the tenth week of the Semester in which classes are held.
VIII.C.2. Officers shall be elected in the order that they are defined in these Bylaws, with the election for one officer being completed before the next begins.
VIII.C.3. Nominations for officers shall begin at the Regular Meeting immediately preceding the meeting at which the election will take place.
VIII.C.4. Voting shall be by secret ballot in all elections.
VIII.C.5. Only Chapter Active Members are eligible to vote.
VIII.C.6. Advisory members shall count votes at Chapter elections.

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