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Article VI --- Standing Committees

The Chapter shall have the following Standing Committees:

VI.A. Executive Committee
VI.A.1. The Executive Committee will consist of all of the Officers of the Chapter with the exception of the Chairman of the Advisory Committee.
VI.A.2. Each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote, regardless of the number of offices held.
VI.A.3. The Executive Committee shall:
     VI.A.3.a. meet weekly during the Semester and advise the President on matters concerning the Chapter;
     VI.A.3.b. conduct a Chapter Program Planning Conference at least once per Session;
     VI.A.3.c. pass a budget for the Chapter detailing all planned expenditures to be made during the Semester no later than the second meeting of the Executive Committee of the Semester.
VI.A.4. The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Chapter.
VI.A.5. None of the Executive Committee's actions may conflict with any action taken by the Chapter.
VI.A.6. The Chapter may nullify any decision of the Executive Committee by a majority vote, thus opening up the question for consideration by the Chapter.
     VI.A.7.a. The Executive Committee has the power to carry out all such acts as it deems necessary for the welfare of the Chapter that must be executed before the next Regular Meeting.
     VI.A.7.b. The members of the Executive Committee shall be held jointly and severally responsible for any such action performed in the name of the Chapter that is not ratified by a majority vote at the next Regular Meeting.

VI.B. Service Committee
The Service Committee shall:
VI.B.1. make plans to carry out traditional service projects of the Chapter;
VI.B.2. obtain suggestions for possible new service projects from as many sources as possible;
VI.B.3. present prospective service projects to the Chapter;
VI.B.4. recruit chairmen for Chapter service projects;
VI.B.5. oversee the running of service projects from planning to completion;
VI.B.6. evaluate the results of service projects performed by the Chapter;
VI.B.7. make sure that the Chapter has a balance of projects in the areas of service;
VI.B.8. assist in the performance of the Service Vice President's duties.

VI.C. Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall:
VI.C.1. provide the Chapter with academic resources, information, and guidance;
VI.C.2. assist in the formation of Alpha Phi Omega chapters at other colleges and universities;
VI.C.3. promote lifelong involvement in Alpha Phi Omega;
VI.C.4. promote Chapter membership retention and growth;
VI.C.5. determine whether Members are in compliance with the Chapter Membership Standards;
VI.C.6. assist in the performance of the Membership Vice President's duties.

VI.D. Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee shall:
VI.D.1. make plans for carrying out traditional social events of the Chapter;
VI.D.2. obtain suggestions for possible new social events from as many sources as possible;
VI.D.3. recruit chairmen for Chapter fellowship projects;
VI.D.4. oversee the running of social events from planning to completion;
VI.D.5. promote a spirit of close fellowship among all Chapter members;
VI.D.6. evaluate the results of fellowship projects performed by the Chapter;
VI.D.7. develop social relations with other campus organizations and other Alpha Phi Omega chapters;
VI.D.8. assist in the performance of the Fellowship Vice President's duties.

VI.E. Advisory Committee
VI.E.1. All Advisory Members, the President, and all past Presidents of the Chapter who are Chapter Active Members shall be members of the Advisory Committee.
VI.E.2. Quorum for meetings of the Advisory Committee shall be at least two (2) Advisory Members.
VI.E.3. The Advisory Committee shall:
     VI.E.3.a. meet regularly, at least once per Semester, to advise and assist the chapter in the planning of projects;
     VI.E.3.b. provide continuity and give leadership as necessary.

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