Journals related to economic development


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Annals of Regional Science @

Economic Development Quarterly @h

Economic Geography @h

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research @

International Regional Science Review @

Journal of Economic Geography @

Journal of Urban Affairs @

Journal of Regional Science @h

Journal of Regional Science ( Can.) @

Papers in Regional Science (RSAI) @

Regional Studies @

Regional and Sectoral Economics Studies @

Regional Science and Urban Economics @

Review of Urban and Regional Studies @

The Economic Development Journal (IEDC) @

The Geographic Journal (Royal Geographic Society) @h

Urban Affairs Review @

Urban Studies @h

Urban Land (Urban Land Institute) h


Journal of Economic Perspectives @h

Journal of Housing Economics #/

Journal of Land Economics @h/

Journal of Political Economy @h

Journal of Urban Economics @h

The American Journal of Economics and Sociology @

(Papers relevant to econ dev can be found in many other journals related to the field of economics or econometrics, including several prestigious ones which are not listed here for space).


Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) @h

Journal of Urban Planning and Development @

Environment and Planning A. @

Landscape and Urban Planning h/

Journal of Planning Literature @

Journal of Planning, Education, and Research @

Focus: Journal of the City and Regional Planning Department of Cal Poly @


Community development and related

Community Development Journal @

Community Development: The Journal of the Community Development Society @

Housing Studies #

Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law @

Journal of Community Health @

Journal of Community Work and Development #

Journal of Housing and the Built Environment @

Journal of Housing and Community Development @h

Journal of Housing Research @

Journal of Rural and Community Development @

Partners in Economic and Community Development @


Workforce development and related

Canadian Vocational Journal

Career Development Quarterly #

Community College Journal of Research and Practice #

International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance @

Journal of Human Resources @h

Journal of Human Capital #

Journal of Career and Technical Education (Journal of Vocational and Technical Education) @

Journal of Career and Technical Education Research (Journal of Vocational Education Research) @

Journal of Career Development @

Journal of Career Development ( Can.) @

Journal of Vocational Behavior @

Journal of Workforce Development #

Research in Human Capital and Development @

Techniques (ACTE) @

Workforce Education Forum @

Workforce Management @


Real estate and property development

Commercial Investment Real Estate @

International Real Estate Review @

Journal of Corporate Real Estate @

Journal of European Real Estate Research @

Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics @

Journal of Real Estate Literature @

Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education @

Real Estate Economics #

Real Estate Issues @

The Journal of Real Estate Research @


Technology based economic development

Creativity and Innovation Management @

European Journal of Innovation Management @

Economics of Science, Technology, and Innovation (book series) @/

Economics of Innovation and New Technology #

Industry and Higher Education #

Industry and Innovation @

Innovation: Management, Policy, and Practice @

International Journal of Innovation Management #

International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development #

International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management #

International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development #

International Journal of Technology Management #

International Journal of Technology Management and Innovation #

International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation #

Journal of Innovation Economics @

Journal of Product Innovation Management @

Journal of STEM Education : Innovations and Research @

Journal of Technology Management and Innovation @

Journal of Technology Transfer @

Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation #

Technovation: The International Journal of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management #

(List excludes journals focused on venture capital, financing)



Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal @

Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth (book series) h/

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice @

Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: An International Journal #

Foundation and Trends in Entrepreneurship @

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research @

International entrepreneurship and management journal @

Journal of Business Venturing #

Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship @

Journal of Entrepreneurship @

Journal of Entrepreneurship Education @

Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship @

Journal of International Entrepreneurship @

Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development #

Journal of Small Business Management #

Small Business Economics @

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation #



Journal of Infrastructure Systems @

Journal of Infrastructure Development @

Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research @

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management @

Public Works @

Public Works Management and Policy @

Journal of Public Works and Infrastructure #



Journal of Advanced Transportation Infrastructure @h

Journal of Public Transportation @

Journal of Transportation Research @

Journal of Transport and Land Use @

Journal of Transportation Logistics, Law, and Policy @

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems @h

Journal of Transportation and Statistics @ (discontinued)

Journal of Transport Economics and Policy @/

Journal of Transport Geography #

Mass Transit Magazine @

Transport Policy #

Transactions of Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE) @h

Transportation Journal (ASTL) @

Transportation Planning and Technology #

Transportation Quarterly h

Transportation Research A. Policy and Practice @

Transportation Research Forum @

Transportation Research Record @

Transportation Science @h

World Transport Policy and Practice @



International Journal of Tourism Research @

Journal of Heritage Tourism #

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research @

Journal of Travel Research @

Journal of Travel Tourism and Marketing #

Tourism Economics #



Journal of Cultural Economics @

Journal of Cultural Geography @

Economic Development and Cultural Change @/


Recreation and related

Parks and Recreation @

Journal of Leisure Research @

Journal of Parks and Recreation Administration #

Journal of Sports Management #



Irrigation and Drainage @

Environmental Management @

Journal of Arboriculture & Urban Forestry @

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management @

Journal of Environmental Education @

Journal of Environmental Engineering @

Journal of Environmental Health @

Journal of Environmental Health and Public Health @

Journal of Environmental Management @

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

Journal of Environmental Psychology @

Journal of Environmental Quality @/

Journal of Environmental Science and Health #

Journal of Environmental Systems #

Journal of Forestry @

Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law @

Journal of Planning and Environmental Law #

Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering @

Journal of Wildlife Management @

Water and Environment Journal @

Water Resources Management @


Sustainable development

The Environment and Urbanization @

International Journal of Environmental Studies #

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development #

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development #

International Journal of Sustainable Development #

International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning #

International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology @

International Journal of Sustainable Design @

International Journal of Sustainable Economy #

International Journal of Sustainable Energy #

International Journal of Sustainable Engineering #

International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing #

International Journal of Sustainable Society #

International Journal of Sustainable Transportation #

International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development #

Journal of Energy for Sustainable Development (IEI) #

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development @

Journal of Sustainable Agriculture #

Journal of Sustainable Development (CCSE) @

Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa @

Journal of Sustainable Forestry #

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy @

Journal of Sustainable Politics #

Journal of Sustainable Product Design @

Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (no content yet)

Journal of Sustainable Tourism #

McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy @

Next American City #

Sustainable Industries #

(List excludes numerous journals on environmental law, environmental management, ecology, conservation, other environmental topics)



The following databases and indexes are useful for keyword searches. Try these before Googling. A complete list of accessible databases can be found here.




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About this list

The list is a first rough pass of that will hopefully be useful for students interested in exploring economic development and the many domains it cuts across. It undoubtedly suffers from some glaring omissions which we will happily correct upon request. If you “borrow” or otherwise use this list please credit the Center for Economic Development at the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. Use caution. The list was casually selected, and no attempt was made to establish the pedigree of each journal or periodical. While several are long established and well respected, others are new and untested (of course students at the Heinz College soon learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff).


The following symbols refer to the availability of each item for students currently enrolled here at Carnegie Mellon University as of January 2010.


@ - available electronically through CMU, or open access.

h - available in hardcopy through CMU

# - not available, or limited availability, use ILLIAD

/ - only older issues appear to be available via hard or electronic copy.


Note that “@” does not ensure access to of all issues. Some journals provide only access to recent volumes, others the reverse.


Current students at Carnegie Mellon may need to access these journals through the CAMEO or WorldCat library catalogs, both of which can be found here as of Jan 2010. Another good way to access these journals is the libraries e-journal list, which can be found here. The e-journal list is particularly important as it covers many items which may not be found or accessible via CAMEO or WorldCat. You can also use the e-journal list to find additional related material by using key search terms. As a last resort, you may want to attempt to search for journal title directly via a search engine, you may find you still have access to some or all of the journals content directly or through a publishing intermediary. In some cases, none of these steps will work and you may need to make an inter library loan request to obtain articles (ILLIAD can be found here). If you are having difficulty with any of these steps please contact the University library for assistance.


List compiled by, Jan 2010. Suggestions welcome. Special thanks to Afeworki Paulos for his suggestions on this document. That said, any errors in compilation are the CED’s not the University Library’s.