15-317 Constructive Logic

  • There are 9 homework assignments, worth a total of 400 points.
  • Some assignments may offer additional problems for extra credit, which is recorded separately.
  • Extra credit will be considered when determining midterm and final grades for borderline cases.
  • Assignments generally are given out Thursday in lecture and are due the following Thursday.
  • Homeworks may require use of the course software, or simply a write-up with pencil and paper.
  • Machine-checked assignment must be submitted via the course software before the start of lecture on the due date.
  • Written homeworks are to be handed in at the beginning of lecture on the due date.
  • We will try our best to return graded homework during the lecture following the due date.
  • For typesetting deductions in LaTeX, we use proof.sty

All assignments in this course are individual assignments. The work must be your own. Do not copy any parts of the solution from anyone, and do not look at other students solutions. Do not make any parts of your solutions available to anyone and make sure noone else can read your files. We will rigorously apply the university policy on cheating and plagiarism.

We may modify this policy on some specific assignments. If so, it will be clearly stated in the assignment.

It is always permissible to clarify vague points in assignments, discuss course material from notes or lectures, and to give help or receive help in using the course software such as proof checkers, compilers, or model checkers.

Date Assignment Due

9/5/13 Homework 1: Natural deduction, Clue 9/12/13
9/12/13 Homework 2: Proof terms and quantifiers 9/19/13
9/19/13 Homework 3: Arithmetic and Classical Reasoning 9/26/13
9/26/13 Homework 4: Sequent calculus 10/3/13
10/3/13 Homework 5: Cut elimination 10/10/13
10/10/13 Homework 6: Propositional theorem proving
Starter code
Test code
10/24/13 Homework 7: Prolog programming 10/31/13
11/26/13 Homework 9: Linear logic 12/5/13

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