CMU 15-418/618 (Spring 2013) Final Project:

Original Project Proposal

Checkpoint Report

Project Summary

A short (no more than a paragraph) project summary. If applicable, the summary should list your project deliverables (including what you plan to shown at the parallelism compeition) and what machines they ran on.


Describe the algorithm, application, or system you parallelized in computer science terms. (Recall our discussion from the last day of class.) Figure(s) would be really useful here.


Tell us how your implementation works. Your description should be sufficiently detailed to provide the course staff a basic understanding of your approach. Again, it might be very useful to include a figure here illustrating components of the system and/or their mapping to parallel hardware.


How successful were you at achieving your goals? We expect results sections to differ from project to project, but we expect your evaluation to be thorough (your project evaluation is the best way to demonstrate you understood topics from this course).


Please provide a list of references used in the project.

List of Work By Each Student

If your project is a team project, please list the work performed by each partner. If you do not feel comfortable placing this information on a public web page, you may email the course staff this information directly. Alternatively, you can simply state: "equal work was performed by both project members."