This Wonderful Life

Pittsburgh Public Theater

There are obviously a number of basic looks that we can work with and so I've thrown some of them out, below. Layers of this could be removed and then perhaps reused for storytelling later?


Blue Jeans and bow ties with maybe a cardigan and button down. Maybe adding a trench or other semi-casual coat.

And, of course there's lots of fun we can have with scarves and hats, below:

A little more casual: Fisherman knit over an unbuttoned shirt under an outdoorsy jacket.
Could also be a cord blazer, for a more broken in look.
We could also play on the childlike excitement for this story and work with something like a toggle coat.
Or start out with a more "grown up" look that then gives way to something more Christmasy underneath
Or start completely "preppy" with a blue blazer.
Something a little more casual, with an argyle or perhaps a fair isle underneath.