24-760 Special Topics: Robot Dynamics and Analysis

Meeting Times: Tu/Th 3:00-4:50pm
Meeting Location: Doherty Hall 2302
Semester: Fall, Year: 2023
Units: 12

Instructor information

Name: Prof. Aaron M. Johnson
E-Mail: amj1@cmu.edu
Office location: Scaife B08
Office hours: TBD

Course Description

This course covers the dynamics of robotic systems with a focus on the mathematical structure of the dynamics and numerical analysis. Topics will start by reintroducing basic kinematics and dynamics in a more formal mathematical framework before moving on to contact conditions, friction, terramechanics, hybrid dynamical systems, timestepping simulation, and contact invariant optimization. After the course students will be able to write simulation and optimization methods for analyzing robotic systems. Students should have taken a prior course in dynamics, and be comfortable with linear algebra, multivariable calculus, and programming in Matlab.


Learning Objectives


No textbook is required for this class. Readings will be posted online and many will come from:


The final course grade will be calculated using the following categories:

Assessment Percentage of Final Grade
Homeworks 60
Exams 40

Lecture Topics

Preliminary list of class topics (see Canvas for detailed schedule, readings, etc):