24-775 Special Topics: Robot Design & Experimentation

Meeting Times: Tuesdays/Thursdays 10:30-11:50am
Meeting Location: Wean Hall 5415
Semester: Spring
Units: 12

Instructor information

Name: Prof. Aaron M. Johnson
E-Mail: amj1@cmu.edu
Office location: Scaife Hall 306
Office hours: TBD

TA Information

Name: Angelos Mavrogiannis
E-Mail: angelosm@andrew.cmu.edu
Office location: TBD
Office hours: TBD

2018 Class Project Videos -- 2019 Class Project Videos

This Year's Project Theme: Bioinspired Robotics

The class theme for this year is "Bioinspired Robotics". Student projects will all be related to this theme. At the beginning of the semester, the class will take a field trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo to help generate project ideas. Additional class topics from this theme will include bioinspiration vs biomimetics, comparative morphology, locomotion & gaits, and the differences between engineered and biological systems.

Course Description

This course will give students hands on experience designing, building, and analyzing robotic systems. Through a semester-long project, students will need to propose and test a research hypothesis with an experimental robotic system. Each year projects will be drawn from a theme (such as bioinspired robotics, agricultural robotics, or robotics for social change), and the class will cover topics from that area in addition to robotic component design, systems integration, and experimental instrumentation. This class provides the opportunity for students to apply techniques in design, control, and analysis that students have acquired during their graduate studies. Students are expected to be comfortable programming in Matlab and have some prior graduate-level experience in mechanical design, controls, optimization, or robotics.


Learning Objectives


The final course grade will be calculated using the following categories:

Assessment Percentage of Final Grade
Homeworks 25
Project Proposal Presentation 10
Project Proposal Document 15
Final Project Presentation 10
Final Project Document 30
Final Project Video 10

Topic List