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Board Members



Courtney Sutter

Americo "Rico" Fraboni

Linguistics & Professional Writing,Hispanic Studies Minor, 2010

Chemistry, 2010
Courtney Sutter
Rico Fraboni
Ariel Rosenburg
Science & Arts, 2011
Finance Chair
Kazan Braekman
Richard Chen
Business Administraion, 2011
Business Administraion & Human Computer Interaction, 2011  
Kazan Braekman
Richard Chen
Dominican Republic Trip Participants

Liana Rosenberg
Decision Science, 2010

Nathan Frank
Business Finance & Spanish, 2010

Americo Fraboni
Chemistry, 2010

Daniel LaGrotta
Information Systems & computer Science, 2011

Alyssa Montanaro
Chemistry, 2012



Carmen Easterwood
Economics, 2012

Youna Yang
Human Computer Interaction & Design, 2010

Andrew Furman
Information Systems, 2012

Chris Lee
Business Administration and Statistics, 2011

Danelson Rosa
Information Systems, 2011

Jeremy Rodriguez
Biology and Statistics, 2010

Brynn Cunningham
International Education, 2010

Amy Nichols
Psychology Urban History & Social Policy, 2010

Sue Jean Koh
Policy and Management, 2010

Torstein Stromme
Electrical and Chemical Engineering, 2013



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