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About Alternative Break
  CMU AB New Orleans 2007

Alternative Break is dedicated to offering Carnegie Mellon students opportunities to explore social, cultural, economic, and political issues during academic breaks in the winter and spring. Students will plan, develop, organize, and realize domestic and international alternative break trips, expanding their knowledge through cooperative organization, service learning, workshops, and excursions.

  CMU AB Ecuador Vision
Our vision is to offer domestic and international Alternative Break trips at multiple locations that focus on a diverse collection of themes and issues.
  CMU AB Ecuador Values  
  Service to Society  
  The principle aim of Alternative Break is to assist local organizations to achieve their goals by offering our service.  

Through planning and volunteering, trip leaders and participants in Alternative Break will gain tremendous experience in organizing trips and through practical, applied work

  Relationship Building  

Alternative Break strives to establish long-term relationships between Carnegie Mellon and the local organizations that it serves to provide sustainable support for the accomplishment of the organizations' goals



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