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Abhijit Hota

Master's Student, Embedded Software. Carnegie Mellon University.

Bits and Bytes about me...

I am a graduate student currently pursuing my Master's degree in Embedded Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, School Of Computer Science. I hail from the beautiful state of Odisha in India, spending my time in different parts of the country. I completed my undergraduate from Birla Institute of Technology & Scienec with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Compter Science.

My core interest lies in systems engineering, especially towards firmware and connected devices / applications. Though I have had my fair share of experience in various fields of digital technology (including application development, web technologies, etc.), I belive that the complex and futuristic digital systems will have a tremendous impact on mankind and environment. In this direction, my focus at CMU is in learning and researching about the novel field of Internet of Things (IoT).

My Projects / Experience

End-to-End IoT based systems. Kernel / Firmware Development. Distributed Systems. Software Engineering. Project Management. Full-Stack application development. Academic Assistantships

Firmware for cloud-connected devices (Synergy Labs, CMU)

The research deals with designing, architecting and implementing a cloud-connected IoT system and use complex machine learning algorithm for smart actuations. The system allows to remotely monitor and manage the devices for power efficiency. The services provided by the system through REST based APIs allow the system to integrate with other custom applications for extending its functionalities.

System / Application firmware development
System Design
System Performance Profiling

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SDK based End-to-End IoT system and test-bed (ISR, CMU)

The project deals with product engineering, project management, design and implementation of a physical test bed for IoT based simulation, which integrates sensors and actuators and communicates the control logic through well known communication protocols / frameworks (ZeroMQ, AllJoyn etc.). The prime purpose of the project is to evaluate various IoT Control Systems using Bosch's Bezirk (formerly uHu) framework as the underlying communication and device management framework. The extensible and modifiable test bed is also responsible for collecting and analyzing real-time system and environment data that is required to validate the mathematical models used for similar virtual simulations by researchers at Carnegie Mellon Unversity.

SDK development in Java with wrappers
Software Project Management and Documentation
Team Leadership

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Kernel Development for custom SoC (Intel)

Worked on developing a layered kernel for a low power sensor-hub based SoC . The SoC acts as a co-processor in mobile devices integrating multiple sensors added as required. The kernel complements the functionality through stability, flexibility and extensibility in incorporating different sensors along with efficient resource and energy consumption. My role in the project included, debugging and analyzing segments of the kernel for chip architecture (x86) compatibility, memory mapping in kernel, implementation of Loadable Kernel Modules, developing test applications to verify kernel services and kernel bring-up on mobile platforms

Development and debuggin in C
Debugging at assembly level
Serial communication and flashing

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Contact Me

I am available for Full-Time opprtunities (starting December 2016) towards system engineering roles in firms around the globe.

My Work Location

Carnegie Mellon University
5000, Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Call: 412-326-8749
Email: ahota@andrew.cmu.edu

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