Barney Mobot 2002
Barney is a mobile robot designed by Anthony Rowe and Alok Ladsariya for the 2002 mobot competition at Carnegie Mellon University.  The purpose of  mobot is to build an autonomous self powered line following robot that can make decisions at line splits.  The competition is outdoors on sloped and rather uneven terrain which greatly adds to the challenge.  This year we wanted to go for an all embedded approach which would be simple to use, cheap and hopefully very robust.  We decided to use the CMUcam as our main sensor and develop a custom board to handle the processing and motor control.  Barney came in first place after completing the course in 1 minute and 36 seconds.  Why a pink dinosaur with green glittery streaks you may ask?  Lets see what you think it looks like after three straight days of coffee powered insanity.

Hardware Specifications
Firmware Description




Last Modified: Aug 12, 2002 Anthony Rowe