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As a Senior student in Carnegie Mellon University, my studies spanned a diverse set of areas from Natural Language Processing to Theory of Computation and Automata. However, I ended up landing interest on Embedded Computer Networks as a primary field of study. I pursued this field both as an undergraduate research student and as a software developer.

I have studied various topics in pervasive computing; an abstract of each study can be found in my portfolio. I have submitted posters to multiple undergraduate research seminars as well as contributed to a paper submitted to MobiHoc 2016 and CIoT 2016. Currently, I am undertaking a senior thesis project about collaborative activity detection in the smart grid.

A variety of systems projects helped me hone my system development skills: thorough design, rigorous testing and efficient debugging. I have also developed in teams, which helped me appreciate modular design, documentation and version control. More details about each project as well as the tools I used can be found in my portfolio.



Software Development

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