hello world!

...or should I say, hello there. My name is Aaron Balderas and I am currently a junior at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently I'm majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a specialization in building sytems as well as energy production and an interest in everything else.

As far as academic things go, I enjoy learning about building systems(structural, mechanical systems, and energy stuff mostly). Being from Houston, I also have an interest in energy systems and production and have been getting into that more lately. Finally, I really love to to tie computing into all of the above. In my time in college I've come to realize the importance, usefulness, and raw power of computing within engineering (thanks CMU!). I always look at ways to apply computational techniques to solve or model real engineering problems in new and more efficient ways. Its great. You can just think of me as an engineer turned designer turned programmer turned engineer all at the same time.

Also, I'm a coffee kind of guy.