A Weekend Dedicated to the Problem of Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Global warming and climate change, species decimation, natural resources depletion, over-consumption, air and water pollution, sustainability…

These are among some of the more common terms that designate what many believe is an ongoing contemporary environmental crisis. This event will explore the role that corporations have played and can play in that crisis.

“Corporations and Environmental Responsibility” will raise provocative questions and engage in detailed analysis of issues and problems that corporations face in the task of producing necessary goods and services while sustaining the earth as well.

The weekend consists of major presentations by nationally known experts who will provide their unique perspectives on the problem, several group discussions of specific topics, and a video presentation.

Among some of the topical issues and questions to be raised during the weekend are:

  • The role of corporations in environmental sustainability
  • Environmental public policy and corporations
  • Business, energy consumption and the environment
  • Environmental protection and the obligations of corporations
  • Best practices in environmental management
  • Multinational corporations and environmental responsibility
  • Business Transparency: Measuring, reporting and auditing environmental impact
  • The greening of business vs. “greenwashing”
  • Environmental responsibility and the corporate bottom line

Be sure to see the weekend schedule and the tab on how to register for the event. CMU students can opt to take this program as a “weekend immersion course” for 3 units of credit. Students on other campuses can also attend any or all of the sessions and may be able to earn college credit through the Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education (PCHE).

The general public is invited and very welcome to attend any or all of the program sessions on Friday and Saturday, March 28 and 29, 2008.

Our Key Speakers

Rob Bear Director, Environmental Affairs, Alcoa Inc.
Mary Beth Buchanan United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Court Gould Executive Director , Sustainable Pittsburgh
Dale Hershey Associate Teaching Professor of Law, Tepper School of Business
John Hooker T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Professor of Operations Research, Tepper School of Business
Kay Lee Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Terry F. Yosie President & CEO, World Environment Center

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A Few Other Terms for C&ER

Corporate Environmentalism
Corporate Environmental Stewardship
Industrial Ecology
Environmental Management Systems
Green Business Initiatives
Triple Bottom Line Initiative

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