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Know your network.

Know the Internet.

Know how they work together.

These are the final projects submitted by previous classes.

Fall 2009

Assignment. For the final project, you will again be using the MAWI Sample Point F data set. The flow data resides in the class AFS directory on Andrew at ssh://unix.andrew.cmu.edu/afs/andrew/course/95/855/*.rw. This data was collected at sample point F during the Day-In-The-Life-Of-The-Internet exercise in 2009, as described at http://tracer.csl.sony.co.jp/mawi/ . Be sure you understand the anonymization scheme and the privacy guidelines for using this data set.
  1. Briefly survey the data and select a class B (/16) network CIDR block for analysis. The chosen block (.your network.) must have enough traffic to support analysis, but should not have so much traffic that analysis becomes overwhelming.
  2. Profile your network. Identify the key resources produced and consumed by the network, significant choke points, dependencies or other features presented in the data.
  3. Your profile should lead to assumptions about how the network is constructed. Based on this profile, make one or more architecture recommendations on how to improve the network. This may include security, availability or policy improvements.
  4. Select a recent internet-wide security event similar to those we have discussed in class. Briefly present the event, and show how this event would impact your network and manifest itself in your data set.
Final Submissions:

Fall 2008

Assignment. In this project you will address a real-world scenario by analyzing very large data sets which represent Internet-wide collections. (more...)




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