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Information Warfare
Welcome to the 95-803 Information Warfare Mini-4 Course for Spring 2011


Syllabus and Schedule
Final Paper

Spring 2011

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The Heinz College, CMU
Course Description
This course is concerned with strategy and tactics as applied to the defense of information. The focus of the course is defending computer networks and hosts against attack, including both recognition and response to attacks.

Required Text
  • The Art of War, available online

    Optional Texts
  • The Art of War, Sun Tzu (Griffith Translation), Oxford Press, 1963, ISBN 0-19-501476-6.
  • Know Your Enemy, Honeynet Project, Addison Wesley, Second Edition, 2004, ISBN 0-321-16646-9.

    Class Information

    Class Time: 5:30-8:20pm EDT, Thursday
    Location: HBH 1000

    Please check Annoucements section frequently for course related updates

    Instructor / Teaching Assistant
      Instructor:  Tim Shimeall
    E-mail: tjs@cert.org
    Voice:   412-268-7611
    Office Hours:    By appointment
    Teaching Assistant:  Shouqiang Wang
    E-mail: shouqian@andrew.cmu.edu
    Office Hours:   HBH A115 - Wed 4:30-7:30pm, Sat 11:30-3:00pm