Information Security Management
Welcome to the 95-752 Information Security Course for Fall 2009

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Fall 2009

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Course Outline
This course is concerned with fundamental principles of computer security as applied to management. It covers privacy concerns, secrecy issues, operational security, physical security, hardware security, software security, communications security, and data security.

Required Text
  • Charles Pfleeger "Security in Computing" Fourth Edition, 2007
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    Class Time: Thursday 5:30PM - 8:20PM
    Location: GHC 4307

    Course Policies
    You are encouraged to study together and sample exams will be provided by the Instructor as a learning resource; topics on the sample midterm are not guaranteed to be on the actual exam and vice versa. All student homework and submitted examinations are expected to be the product of individual effort unless otherwise specified. This means that your submissions are expected to be in your own words and the product of your own effort and any detected copying will be considered plagiarism unless appropriate citations are given. Students are cautioned that much of the material available from Internet searches is of dubious quality in this area. Examinations will be take-home and open-book. All e-mail submission of homework and exams will be acknowledged by the instructor soon after receipt. E-mail submission must occur prior to the due date or a grading penalty will be assessed. Physical submission may be done in class, or to the instructor by appointment.

    This offering will not be using the blackboard system.
    Instructor / Teaching Assistants
    Tim Shimeall
    Voice:   412-268-7611
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    By appointment
    Teaching Assistant:
    Sasha Romanosky
    Office Hours: By appointment