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Introduction to Information Technology in Healthcare

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Rema Padman, PhD.
Professor of Management Science & Healthcare Informatics
2102C Hamburg Hall
Off: 412-268-2180
Fax: 412-268-5338
e-mail : rpadman@andrew.cmu.edu

Teaching Assistant:

Sharique Hasan
Doctoral Student in Healthcare Informatics
Office: 242 Hamburg Hall
Phone: 732-887-6914
Email: shasan@andrew.cmu.edu

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In the current healthcare climate, quality of care and patient safety issues are generating considerable debate, chronic disease is on the increase, and healthcare costs have reached 16% of the GDP. Successive Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports have been pushing for wide adoption of Information Technology (IT)-enabled solutions to improve cost efficiency without risking quality of care. With pay-for-performance and consumer/business driven healthcare initiatives driving IT implementations across healthcare enterprises, such as the EMR and CPOE, IT has emerged as a powerful force in helping to achieve multiple goals within health care organizations.

This course seeks to facilitate a better understanding of these IT initiatives by providing an introduction to basic information technology concepts and terminology, and demonstrating their application in the healthcare delivery and management arena. The course draws on an E-learning component on IT concepts, course slides, demo tools, Harvard Business School cases, and website resources to integrate technology concepts with domain knowledge. These knowledge sources are being used currently by healthcare enterprises to improve quality of care, enhance patient safety, and re-engineer business and care processes to increase productivity and efficiency of the healthcare system from the perspective of multiple stakeholders.