Homework #6 Sample Solution
Note: As usual, this was created with System Architect.

Part 1: UML Versions of E10.2

(a) diagram; only changes are the multiplicity symbols


(b) diagram; only changes are multiplicity symbols


Part 2: UML versions of selected transformation rules

The diagrams will be the same in UML as they are in OMT except:

Part 3: UML version of the transformation between E10.2a and E10.2b

Start: The initial diagram:


Transformation T13: Add BookReference and JournalReference as subclasses of a new empty class, Reference


Transformation T11:  Move the title attribute across the generalization from BookReference and JournalReference up to Reference.


Transformation T12:  Move the Cites and Wrote associations across the generalization from BookReference and JournalReference to Reference.  This only works because the identical association exists with all of Reference's subclasses.


Transformation T18: Convert the citationCode and positionNumber association attributes to link qualifiers.  This also changes the multiplicity of the links.  The result is the final diagram, 10.2b.