Health Policy Introduction

Welcome to the Masters of Medical Management Program. This is the Health Policy module.

This course provides the student with an in-depth understanding of the policy making process, policy ideology, and policy frameworks and issues. Although the course will focus on health policy, the policy process has broader relevance to other fields. The analysis, formulation, implementation, and evaluation steps will be discussed.

This is an interactive, participatory, experiential course, with each class having specific objectives for the student to master. Students are to prepare assigned readings prior to each module.

Your Faculty will be
Joan M. Kiel, Ph.D
Contact : 412-396-4419

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Course Timings

Thursdays 5:30pm-8:30pm

HBH 1000

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I. Key Steps to Health Policy Formulation
The policy formulation process has become increasingly complex due to multiple constituencies to satisfy (individuals, business, providers); need to assess long range impacts ; and need to consider ethical dilemmas

7 Key Steps

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