Lecture Notes

These lecture outlines are just outlines - they do not include all the information discussed in class. You can check before class to see if the outline is available and use it as a framework for writing your notes. However, information may change or the coverage of the topics may change in lecture.

The lecture outlines are in PDF format. They are not readable on-line - they must be downloaded. To open the files you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free at the Adobe site


Lecture notes from:


Principles and Frameworks


  Genetic Influences

  Prenatal Development and Learning

  Early Capacities

  Infant Cognition and memory

  Motor Development


  Temperament and Attachment

  Infancy and Later Development

  Language Development 1

  Language Development 2

  Preschool Thought

  Social Development: gender



  Influence of Contexts

  Biological and Cognitive Development

  Schooling and Culture

  Peer Relations from Early childhood to Adolescence

  Parent-Adolescent Relations

  Risk-taking , Adolescent Thought


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