The four URLs below will take you to various WWW sites where an introduction to the operations of a Maquiladora are outlined generally or detailed statistically and more specifically.
1 For an extended answer to the question of what a Macquiladora is go the site titled "What is a macquiladora?" which is hosted by the University of Delaware. Go to: "What is Maquiladora Program?
2 For a FAQ page about Maquiladoras, go to the site offered by Latino Beat.
3 This site gives a brief overview and history of the Maquiladoras. The site is part of the "Handbook of Texas" from the University of Texas at Austin. "The Maquiladoras."
4 Finally, a " fact sheet" that gives several indicators about the nature and effects of the Maquiladora program is available from Corporate Watch. This group describes itself in the following way: "Corporate Watch works to support efforts to build a movement for democratic control over corporations, human rights and environmental justice. With this in mind, we are working to harness the Internet as a vehicle for activism."

Based on what you learned from visiting the URLs above, answer the following questions:
Q:What kind of business operations are conducted at Maquiladoras?
Q:Who are the primary owners of these businesses?
Q:How are these businesses reflecting the interests of various stakeholders: consumers, workers, governments, Maquiladora company shareholders, the communities where the Maquiladora programs are located, etc.?
Q:Given your answers to the above, what is your initial reaction to the operations of the Maquiladoras?