Professionals report that one of the more difficult aspects of their work within a business organization is the fact that there are so many hard choices that have to be made -- decisions about ethical issues, problems and dilemmas. Hence, to be a successful professional in business today, one needs to develop good skills of moral reasoning.
Required Assignment

Several business ethics cases are available at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics housed at Santa Clara University (you might also take a tour of the rest of this interesting ethics center site). Among them are the following:
1The Case of Due Dilligence
2The Case of Plant Relocation
3The Case of the Million Dollar Decision
4The Sole Remaining Supplier
5The Performance Appraisal
6Nutritional Foods
You can find these cases at: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Read each case and choose the one that interests you the most and then perform a case analysis of it using our VCR approach to ethics.
Q:How would you resolve the dilemma in this case? What would be the ethical thing to do? What would be the VCR justification for doing that? Post your case analysis in an essay to your section bulletin board.