Professionals who find themselves in the field of business are confronted by an array of ethical issues, problems and dilemmas. Below is a non-exhaustive list of ethical issues that professionals in business need to be aware of and will likely encounter sometime in their careers:
1accounting ethics
2stakeholder ethics and business
3child labor/sweatshop conditions
4codes of business conduct/ethics
5conflict of interest
6corporate social responsibility
8employee rights
9executive compensation
10business gift giving vs. bribery
11insider trading
12international business ethics
13privacy in the business workplace
14business and environmental responsibility
Required Assignment

Complete the following items and then answer the question below.
1Examine the list above and choose one topic that you would like to survey.
2Then use your favorite search engine such as Google to explore the web and visit sites that provide useful information about the business ethics topic you have chosen. You should visit at least five such sites.
3When you are done your survey, write a report that you will then send to your section's Discussion Board on our course web site. Your report should detail the following items: A) A definition or identification of the ethical issue and why it is important to business professionals; B) A brief summary of how the issue is presented and treated at each of the five (or more) sites that you visit; and C) A discussion of how any of the components of our VCR approach to professional ethics relates to the issue.