A Guided Inquiry is a set of interactive web-based explorations and exercises dealing with and devoted to a particular topic. Users are provided a path -- sometimes the path has signposts, sometimes it does not -- through the World Wide Web that takes them on an educational journey composed of intellectual challenges and provocative reflections. The educational goal of a Guided Inquiry in professional ethics is twofold:
1building awareness of ethical issues, problems and dilemmas
2developing critical thinking skills and skills of moral reasoning
A successful learning experience can be had in a Guided Inquiry only if the user completes all the excursions, exercises and assignments that are found within the web-based journey. Users need to follow every WWW link and make the best use of the information found on the sites to which they have been sent. Follow directions closely and be sure not to miss those that require some necessary submission of an essay or other written work. Specifically, you will encounter two types of tasks:
1Tasks labeled "Exercise," which include readings and questions, are designed to help you get started in your analysis of a particular issue. Although you are not required to submit your answers to the questions, it is essential that you answer them completely as your answers will likely form the basis for the second type of task.
2Tasks labeled "Required Assignment" will alert you to the need to complete a task, such as writing an essay, and submit it to our course management web site as directed.