Rousseau on Government
Making of Law
Given the general will, how then law is made
	This question distinct from asking how it is executed

Making laws requires the people as a whole making rule for the people as a

The generality of general will. 
   unconcerned with particular objects
  no particular names

Two perspectives on same body. 
People making laws, laws enforced on people

law cannot be unjust for you cannot be unjust to yourself

Lawgiver invents machine of state
prince sets it up, operates it
	Once properly started, continues by itself until decline, or breakdown

Lawgiver changes human nature
	he transforms individuals

Moses and Mohammed are Rousseau's examples of lawgivers

Role of Religion
People do what they ought to do when rules are presented as God's commands
	Relation to paternalism

Religion gets people to do what is in their interest, which otherwise they
might not see as such

Reason is merely external to most people
The law they obey is something they accept without understanding why