Rousseau on Knowing the General Will

The people do not necessarily know the general will. 
Hence the need to force them to be free (= to obey the general will.)

The General Will not what is just good for someone personally, but what benefits
To speak of it requires a belief in community.

General Will= what everyone would choose to do, were they enlightened, to benefit
the community. 

It is defined by the desire for common good, for what benefits community.

What people would vote if enlightened
	In practice they may not be so wise
General Will not an empirical result, the product of a vote.

Rousseau believes that everyone wants to do good. 
	But often they do not know how to do good. 
So in forcing them to be free, the sovereign is forcing people to do what they
would do, were they only enlightened. 

The Problem of Paternalism. 
What does it mean to claim that enlightened people would have better taste?
	Just that they would agree with me?

Perhaps not. 

If you really know both Raphael and Road Runner cartoons, you would prefer

So the authorities are justified in subsidizing Raphael exhibitions, and taxing
shows of Road Runner cartoons. 

Is this convincing?