I. The State, an Artificial Person

     A. people/citizens/subjects .

     B. Birth, Death of State

     C. Being forced to be free

II. Against Representation

      A. Knowing the General Will

     B. Paternalism

           1. Consistent?

           2. Wise?

           3. Evaluating Pop Culture

           4. Rousseau's optimism

     C. Who determines the General Will?

           1. Too Good to be True?

           2. Prosperity the Test

III. Advantage of Social Contract

IV. A Theory of Justice

     A. Necessary?

      B. Possible

      C. Parallels with epistemology

     D. Rousseau's Sociology

      E. Governments

           1. Classified

           2. prosperity and Population

          3. Goals

                i. Keep the Peace?
                 ii. Distribute Goods Justly?
                iii. Realize Freedom

V. The Theory of Justice

     A. Necessary?

      B. Possible?

VI. Rousseau on Government

     A. Making of Law

     B. The lawgiver

      C. Religion

           1. Is this dated?