John Locke, Two Treatises of Government, 1688
	Locke 1632-1704 . note overlap with Descartes, 1596-1650

 In the background, English revolution
		and beheading of king

1649 Execution of Charles I. 
	By 1690 Restoration
All this made just government difficult (and important) to justify. 

Adam had no natural rights. Nor did his heirs. 

God gave him right to world

God makes the earth, the animals; and man.
God gave world to all men
Eve subject to her husband
	The natural basis for rule of family by the husband

What rights are there in state of nature? 
Def. state of nature = a world without any commonly accepted central

Locke wants some rational basis for authority
	He wants to find some reason we ought to obey

What Locke really worried about is lawless state when monarch deposed

Slavery just when slaves defeated in just war
	Slavery continuation of war ended by contract
	This is a rational agreement

Locke believed that the wars of the Royal Africa Company were just wars
		And so slavery of Africans in Virginia (1698) was legitimate.

Personal property justified

Property created by mixing labor with nature create property
This initially an agricultural model
	So problem is: How to distribute products of labor fairly
Nature given by God Property human creation
European conquest of Americas was a just taking of underutilized property

Individual property. You are allowed as much as you can cultivate
That would be a limited amount of property

Money then allows accumulation of capitol. 
	From an agricultural to a capitalist economy. 

Now much greater property differences are justifiable.

We quit state of nature to preserve property. But we do not accept arbitrary laws

The end of government is Good of community. Protection of Property.
	So when it fails to do that, it is suspended. 
		We have the right of rebellion.
When legislators put themselves in state of war with people 
	all obligations to obey are suspended

Sources of this breakdown Ambition, Fear, Folly, Corruption

This defines the recreation of state of nature Obligations cancelled
Dissolving of social contract. 

Locke thus explains:
1. What is a legitimate state
2. How a legitimate state is created from nothing
3. The basis for property, and slavery
4. What goals the state serves
5. When it is dissolved