I. Social Philosophy

     A. Comparison to Epistemology

           1. Abstract problems, Concrete dilemmas

           2. Rights

           3. Establishing Foundations

      B. John Locke

           1. Adam

           2. Regicide

           3. Property

           4. Government

II. Background to Rousseau

     A. Rousseau's Confessions

     B. Absolute Monarchy

III. Self-Determination

     A. Freedom

           1. Acting without Coercion

     B. Rights

           1. Natural

           2. Conventional

          3. Moral Change

IV. Justice

     A. Freedom in Society

     B. Conflicts

V. Rousseau's Argument

     A. Freedom= obedience to law we make

           1. Force

           2. the contract

           3. Prudence

      B. Legitimate authority

           1. no right of strongest

     C. Enlightenment

      D. Social contract

          1. Freedom in Society

           2. Unconditional Alienation

     E. General Will.

           1. From All

           2. For All