Please Bring the Handout of examples of interpretation to this Class

I. Theory

      A. Human sciences, Natural sciences

           1. Descartes' Dualism

      B. Davidson on Interpretation

           1. Rationalization as explanation

           2. Hume's argument.

      C. Descriptions of Action

           1. Against Descartes

           2. Explaining Everyday Action

           3. Intended Consequences of Actions

           4. Objections

II. Practice

      A. Everyday Action

      B. Anthropology

      C. Literature and popular culture

          1. Baudelaire

          2. Compton-Burnett

          3. Barthes

          4. Ashbery

          5. Butler

      D. History

           1. Historical Explanation

           2. Hegel

      E. Psychoanalysis

           1. Dream interpretation

           2. Rationalization of word slips, neurosis

III. Shared features of interpretations

IV. Deep Interpretation