I. John Rawls

     A. Importance of Justice

     B. Updating Rousseau

           1. Veil of Ignorance

          2. First principles.

                a. Equaltiy
                b. Inequality when all benefit

           3. Rationality

           4. Justification

                a. How to justify a theory of justice

     C. Utilitarianism

           1. Greatest Good of Greatest Number

           2. Against Rawls

           3. Mutual Respect as Moral Ideal

     D. Choosing the Original Principles

II. Critical Questions

     A. Why any such principles?

           1. Hard to predict consequences

           2. Veil of ignorance confused

           3. what differences unfair?

           4. practical cases

     B. Community as Ideal

           1. Unreality of Rawls' Assumptions

           2. Are Calculations Impossible?

           3. Rawls' Liberalism