Mill's Utilitarianism

People have different tastes
they agree about desirability of pleasure
	This seems almost true by definition. 
We seek the pleasurable. 

Leaving aside saints,
 If you stay up late studying philosophy
	rather than go to a movie
Is that because you seek a higher pleasure? 

Perhaps the account is true by definition: pleasure = whatever we seek

The Greatest Good of Greatest Number

We consider happiness of all concerned
	i.e. the sum of happiness

How to calculate utility? 

Consider each individual's pleasures, then take the sum over all individuals. 
Utilities too difficult to calculate? 
Reply: we have learned from experience how to do this

What would calculation require
1 scale of pleasures
2 capacity to sum them

Proof of principle of utility
What is desirable. What people desire
	no proof needed, because this self evident

Happiness is desirable
The only thing desirable as an end
	other things desirable as means to that end