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1.  A bronze plaque showing three warriors from Benin, West Africa.
2.  Africa ca 900-1500.
3.  The great mosque at Jenne, one of the most important commercial centers controlled by the empire of Mali in the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries.
4.  The naturalistic brass head, which dates to the thirteenth century, conveys the remarkable power of life art.
5.  This slave-auction notice relates to a group of slaves whose ship had stopped at Charleston, South Carolina, and then landed elsewhere in the region to auction its human carge.
6.  Loading plan for the main decks of the 320ton slave ship Brookes.  The Brookes was only 25 feet wide and 100 feet long, but as many as 609 slaves were crammed on board.  The average space allowed each person was only about 78 inches by 16 inches.
7.  Slavery lasted longer in Brazil than in any other nation on the American continent.  Anti-slavery groups circulated prints such as this one published in France to illustrate the brutality of slave life in Brazil.
8.  Imperial expansion in Africa up to 1880.
9.  Partition of Africa, 1880-1914.