For Your Information

This section of the web site offers readings, images, and maps that can help students to further understand course assignments, but which are not required reading. In other words, the readings on this page are for your Information (FYI). Links from the five sections of the course come here, and are marked thus: Optional (FYI) Reading.

Readings from April 23

Image Gallery -- 20th Century



World War One Recruiting Poster

Viktor Deni, 1920
Capital: I will crush Soviet Russia in my fist!!! But... it only clenches its fist in impotent anger!
Publisher: Zapasnaja Armija Respubliki, Kazan
(Lithography, 70.5x54 cm., BG E11/747)
The red flag in the left image says 'Soviet Russia', the flags in the right image 'Soviet'.

Physicist Albert Einstein on a Bicycle

Sign on the gate to Auschwitz concentration camp--"Arbeit Macht Frei [Work Makes One Free]"

Gypsies at the Belzec Concentration Camp, Poland