76-101 Interpretation and Argument, Sections Q & T
Spring 1999

Instructor: David A. Van Every

Syllabus: 76101 Q & T Syllabus_S99
The Synthesis-Analysis Paper Assignment: Graded Assignment #2
The Contribution Paper Assignment: Graded Assignment #3
The "Many cultures in the discussion classroom" homework assignment: ManyCulturesInTheClassroom

Supplementary Materials:

* Example synthesis-analysis papers - SynthesisAnalysisExamples
* Synthesis-Analysis Criteria Scale - SynthesisAnalysisScaleS99
* Synthesis-Analysis Peer Review Form - AnlprrevS99

* Example Contribution papers - ContributionExamples
* Contribution Paper Criteria Scale - ContribScaleS99
* Contribution Paper Peer Review Form - ContribPaperPeerReview

* "A Different Place" Materials - ADifferentPlaceMilestones, ValueOrientations

* Topical helps - ArgumentsForExistence&Significance, ArgumentByAnalogy, ArgsOfPolicy, ArgsOfClassification, ArgsOfValues, Quotations, Support, PatternsOfOrganization, DevilsAdvocate, SixClaims, Forecasting, MaintainingFocus, Comparisons&Disjunctions, TopicSentences, GivingResearchTalks, & Refutation.

A Supplemental Reading:

On Culture, Canons, and College Curriculum (From Review of Higher Education 21.1)

Scanned Readings:

Teaching and Learning. In Ideological Dilemmas: A Social Psychology of Everyday Thinking. (pp. 41-64).
Billig, M. et al (1988).
This is Socrate's drawing: Socrate's drawing.

Deconstructing Hard Times. In Bloom H (Ed.), Charles Dickens's Hard Times. (pp. 113-127).
Connor, S. (1987).
This is the diagram for Connor's article: "statistics" vs "stuterings". Here are definitions of metonymy and metaphor: MetonymyAndMetaphor.

Issues in Education (Asante, Wortham, Lehrman, & Spender). In Strategies of Argument. (pp. 637-662).
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Culture and Self in Multicultural Education: Reflections on Discourse, Text, and Practice.
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