Homework # 7


Due: 3/20/2001 ?


Information Resources Management


50 points

Following are two possible database schemas resulting from the E-R models completed for homework #3. For each, develop a schema that is in 4th Normal Form. Document any additional functional dependency assumptions that you make and identify all primary and foreign keys. Create keys if necessary.

1. Publishing (40 points)

Publisher (PubName, PubAddress, {JourName}, {BookTitle})

Journal (JourName, {JourAbbr}, EditorName, {ArticleTitle})

Book (BookTitle, {AuthorName}, {ReviewerName})

Author (AuthorName, AuthorEmail, AuthorAddr, {BookTitle}, {ArticleTitle})

Article (ArticleTitle, JourName, {AuthorName}, {ReviewerName})

BookReviewer (ReviewerName, ReviewerEmail, ReviewerAddr, PubName, {BookTitle})

ArticleReviewer (ReviewerName, ReviewerEmail, ReviewerAddr, {JourName, ArticleTitle})

JournalEditor (EditorName, EditorEmail, EditorAddr, {JourName})


2. Chemists & Equipment (10 points)

Chemist (ChemistName, {ProjectID, {EquipmentID, CheckedOutDate}})

Equipment (EquipmentID, EquipmentName)

Project (ProjectID, ProjectName)