> 1) for number 12, i was having trouble inserting values into the

> internetorder table because i had gotten these values using a sub query.

See the example at the bottom of page 337 in the book. You can use:


SELECT * FROM original_table

WHERE conditions

It's not exactly a subquery.


> 2) for number 13, i used (ALTER TABLE InternetOrder ADD IPAddress), but

> when i tried it in access, it gave me a syntax error, so i was wondering if

> there was another way to do it.

See the example on page 336.

For an ALTER TABLE, you have to specify the definition information of columns you wish to ADD.


ADD (new_column col_def constraints)


> are we supposed to not include any EmpNo for the InternetOrder table for

> Question 11?

It's not necessary so you can leave it out. However, I didn't say that in the question so it's fine if you left it in.