Homework # 4

Relational Schemas

Due: 2/20/2001


Information Resources Management


50 points



1. Build a database schema for the student/course E-R model (HW #3; 1)

(20 points)

2. Build a database schema for the publishing E-R model (HW #3; 2)

(30 points)

Make sure you identify a primary key for each table and all foreign keys. If necessary, you can add an attribute to use as the primary key. Primary keys should be underlined, and foreign keys should have a dashed underline. If you have a composite primary key that has one or more attributes that are both part of the primary key and are also foreign keys, identify them using a double underline (much easier to do in Word).

After following the conversion process outlined in class, you should review the tables created and remove those that are duplicated.

Additional attributes can be added as you find necessary. For question #2, assume at least the following attributes are needed for each of the following:

Publisher - name, address

Journal - title, abbreviation, ISBN number

Book - title, ISBN number

People - name, email address, address, phone number


Turn In: Your computer generated database schemas.