Since the books aren't in, there are three references to the book in the homework which you will have to get off the slides from 01/23.

Book Slide #

page 51 29

table 2-1, p 40 7

figure 2-4, p 45 10



> I am unclear on how you would like us to answer the last four questions.

> For example, I am having a hard time finding the 'number of jobs that

> require some knowledge of databases'. I've been to several job search

> database and the return is usually "over 5,000 jobs were found". Is this

> sufficient or do we need some kind of exact number????? If so, can you

> point me in the direction where I can find this statistic?

Just the more than 5,000 is sufficient. My goal is for you to get a sense of how widespread database requirements are.


> Also, can you please clarify question #2 ('different levels of knowledge

> required')? It is not clear what you are asking for.

This relates back to the eariler question. Although there are lots of jobs that mention databases in some form or another, there is a great deal of variety in how the job relates to databases. For instance, some are data-entry types of jobs ("enter information into database") while others are require very specialized and detailed knowledge of a database managemeny system ("database adminstrator for our 10GB Sybase database").

From the first question you should get some sense of there being lots of database related jobs. However, the second question asks you to look a little more deeply into the issue and discuss the wide variation in knowledge of databases required for the various jobs.