Jan 24_Feb 1.2004_Forum 2: Antwerp, Belgium

Charrette MODEL images_general Photos of Antwerp & workshop

Jan 27 Tuesday:  field exercise conducted by Laura Lee. All the students were divided into five teams and walked around Antwerp to capture four different room types in five distictive scales(product, fashion, interior, architecture and urban) in its own setting. Here are the image sets and short description of them.


_product: The boxes are products made to carry other products, and placed inside this garbage dump, will also create another level of room in a room on a product scale. _fashion: While clothing is probably the most intimate and direct room formed around a human, here it is shown within, on the side of, on top of, and around the shelf. Its multiple relationships with the shelf could imply different types of room in a room. _interior: Car - garage - courtyard - house creates many levels of the defined interior room in a room. _architecture: Cylindrical scaffolding acts as a definitive room outside of the room of the architectural tower although it is interstitial and permeable. _urban: This scaffolding in the Antwerp city square doubles as a protective walkway for pedestrians while creating a through-street and visually (as well as physically being scaffolding) relating to the buildings in the square.



team members' SKETCHBOOK pages during the time in Antwerp_

Jaime Donate

Chad Edgley

Sooran Kim

Jeanne Mam

Lauren Schmidt





_product: The product has shared functions that can be combined or separate. _fashion: Sunglasses alter reality for both the user and the viewer. _interior: Two levels become a single space through the use of transparency. _architecture: A space is created that can be used for multiple functions, all shared by the public. _urban: Benches begin to define a space that is shared both inside and out.



_product: A trash can and an ashtray combined in one product. _fashion: Different articles of clothing are superimposed to create an assembly.. interior: Elements used to create rooms within a larger space._architecture: Multiple materials (old and new) used to create a structure. _urban: Overlapping transportation systems are supported by the city’s infrastructure.



_product: Distinctive color and texture of the carpet can be uniquely distinguished anywhere. _fashion: Each person has his or her own implied personal boundary. interior: Different function (cashier) is implied under a continuous surface. _architecture: Exposed structure implies the typical infrastructure. _urban: Graffiti walls create an urban pocket that implies interactive activities happening. .