Feb. 28_March 5.2004_Forum 3: Raleigh, North Carolina

Memories in Raleigh

Feb. 28 Saturday: CMU team was kindly greeted by Bryan and Dana at the Raleigh airport. We were then invited to a welcome party hosted by NCSU members. There was food, drinks, people, stories, music, and the beautiful house.

March 1 Monday:  The teams were introduced to the school facilities by Marvin, the Dean of the Design School of NCSU in the morning. Each team then presented their design progress since Antwerp.

March 2 Tuesday:  Studio working day with lots of discussions between students and faculties. CMU team individuals developed our own ideas to the next level.

March 3 Wednesday:  Studio working day. Our team attempted to bring all the individual ideas into one design solution. We went through a difficult, and frustrated time during this process. We had fun at NCSU basketball game though!

March 4 Thursday:  Studio working day. CMU team was divided into two groups and tried to develop two different ideas. After a discussion in the late afternoon among group members, we finally agreed on one design solution to work and develop for the crit the next day. All the team members were invited to Bryan's dinner party at his house. We had a great time together to be prepared for the next late hours working in the studio.

March 5 Friday:  Crit day. Enkeboll personnel was invited. We presented our solution and received great feedback on it. We worked hard and enjoyed our time in Releigh. We expect to see all the Triangle Team members in April at CMU, Pittsburgh.




team members' SKETCHBOOK pages during the time in Raleigh_

Jaime Donate

Chad Edgley

Sooran Kim

Jeanne Mam

Lauren Schmidt