project 3: walk this way

For this project you will create a web project based on a walk/journey. The goal of this project will be to convey your personal experience or viewpoint of your walk through the integration of image and text. You should consider not only the photographic evidence but how your own thoughts and memories and associations (internal experiences) intersect with the physical world around you (external experiences). The project you create should somehow map or reveal these intersecting spaces through the web.

1. Walk 10 minutes from your home. Don't walk to a predetermined place - use a watch and stop walking after 10 minutes. Although you should not predetermine where you will be walking, you can decide to look for particular elements in your surroundings. After 10 minutes, begin documenting your walk.
2. On your walk take photos of what you see and find with the disposable cameras.
3. Note the names of the places you pass through (ie: Frick Park) or determine the name yourself (ie: Snowy Golf Course).
4. Make a list of the sounds you hear or other sensory information (such as smells, walking on gravel, blinding winter sun) and describe them.
5. After you complete your walk, write down a description of your experiences . Draw a map from memory of the journey. Include descriptions of directions, information about the weather, memories and associations, or previous experiences in the place.
6. Use this information to create your site and help you determine site structure, navigation, and content.

Helpful steps for organizing your project:
1. Photograph different moments along your walk, and collect objects along the way. Consider developing a fictional character before your walk, or create a script that will dictate your movements. Write descriptions about the items, character, or process, and begin developing your text.
2. Now that you have your content, sketch out ideas for how the information will be used on each page, the layout of the pages themselves and what will be used for navigational elements. Create a flowchart for your project.

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guy debord & the derive
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