Every high school student goes through the daily "grind" of classes and homework. Some of us however, like to approach it with a lighter view. This is one such way of looking at the long day I face. During this particular time of year (or when this site was started) the spring muscial was in production. Being a member of the cast and the art director, i found myself staying until 8:00 or 9:00 pm every day. So this is a quick and hopefully witty view of my day, along with lots of picutres taken to illustrate everything that goes on. Myabe by the end of this, you'll know me better, or just have enjoyed looking at all the silly things i can do and still maintain a 3.7 GPA.



And So It Begins....

So another day so school begins. Once again, I am left longing to leave the building before dark. It has definitely been a long few months of.


Walking down the one and a half minute hallway to my locker, I know my morning will not be all that bad. When I round the corner, I know there will be a small circle of people sitting on the floor.
After my morning talk with my friends on the "Band Hallway" floor, it's off to class. First of course, I stop for some much needed refreshments....Its been four years since i first set foot in my highschool and the only thing that hasn't changed is the warm water from the fountains.
The one thing that you can find throughout Carrick High School is staircases. If even they are everywhere in the building, they alwasy seem to crowded.
After all my morning classes comes the best part of the day, Lunch Time. So on the way down you pass through of course, another set of stairs until you reach the cafeteria.
There may not be the best food, but at least you can get something cold (and caffeinated) to drink. Then it's off to my Steel Drum class.
My next stop would be the Photography room. Beinging a Photo 3 kid, this room (besides the auditorium) is my second home.
  After all my classes are done, it is back to the auditorium for practice and lots and lots of painting.

Remember This Is A Work In Progress!!!!