Do you ever dream of escaping your dull existence to life on a tropical island?

Well at this dinner party, you can do just that!

See the table below for your invite. And don't forget your bathing suit!

The Guests
Oinkle Tony
Peter Pan
Holden Caulfield

So, I bet you're wondering what's going on here. Currently, I am taking a class at CMU. This class is Electronic Media Studio. For our first project, we had to create invitations to a dinner party. We had to choose a theme for this dinner party and have a reason to invite the people we chose. Well, for me, the beach is a place that hosts the most fun. I decided to have a beach themed dinner party and invite people I knew would be fun. Each of the people I invited were people that never want to grow up. The three family members I chose are known for their antics and "have fun attitude." While Peter Pan spends his time in Neverland, Holden Caulfield runs away to escape growing up. I thought it would be interesting to bring family and fictional characters together. I made five place cards. Their traditional place cards. Yet they all have the same text on it to tie it together, "When was the last time you played in the sand?" Each person has one thing that's different on their card, it could be their picture or another descriptive object. That way, the person knows where to sit.