Carnegie Mellon University  |  53-471 Game Design, Prototyping & Production  |  Spring 2020  |  Playtesting Night

Playtesting Night - 4.28.2020

Thank you for joining us for the final PLAYTESTING NIGHT for the Spring semester! Playtesting is an invaluable source of feedback in the development process, so we are pleased to offer the opportunity for guests to take their games for a spin.

Due to the recent shift to online instruction, teams in our class have moved their games to be playable online through WebGL.  We have multiple games, listed below, for you to try.  Feel free to try as many as you wish. Once you are finished with a game, please fill out the post-game survey for that game (there will be a link on description page).   

Games are optimzed for PC/Mac, and perform best using Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

53-471 Games:

53-472 Advanced Game Studio: